Uniface Mask: Order Your Own Biting Commentary On Plastic Surgery Today

Can’t afford plastic surgery, but desperately desire the arbitrary appearance of flawless beauty? It’ll still cost you, but the Uniface Mask will get you there for a fraction of the cost, no scarring and zero recovery time. Better yet, the procedure is completely reversible.

Let us explain. Designer Zhuoying Li created the Uniface Mask as biting, satirical indictment of plastic surgery. The obsession with physical perfection isn’t limited to the United States, though countless spin-offs of the Real Housewives reality series might have you thinking otherwise.

It’s actually quite the pandemic in the East, as well.

Anyway, Li created the mask as a cheap alternative to plastic surgery. At just $399.99, the Uniface Mask gives its wearer giant eyes, long eyelashes, a high nose-bridge and a narrow chin. Still sounds kind of steep for a beauty makeover, but remember that Bristol Palin and Farrah Abraham spent thousands of dollars to look almost exactly the same.

And yes, there’s the social commentary angle we mentioned.

“Uniface mask is a dream fulfilling face that satisfies today’s beauty standards,” Li writes on the Uniface Mask’s official site.

“It’s time to be free from painful and dangerous plastic surgeries or tiring make up, gadgets and circle lenses. With Uniface mask, it’s only one step to become an ideal beauty. Simply spraying on our cell-blending glue, and put on the mask. Your beautiful life will start from here!”

Oh, and there are incredibly detailed clean and care instructions, as well.

Get yours today!