Bill Maher On Syria: ‘We Look Like George Zimmerman’ [Video]

Love him or hate him, comedian Bill Maher has a habit of saying what we’re all thinking from time to time, and his thoughts on the situation in Syria are little different.

All of the polls show that American approval of military intervention in Syria is floating somewhere around American sentiment regarding the drowning of puppies. Mr. Maher has taken center stage lately as the “what the f*** are you thinking, government” poster boy of the U.S., and on the Syria situation, his candor did not disappoint.

“Forget the Syria debate, we need to debate on why we’re always debating whether to bomb someone,” Maher said. “Because we’re starting to look, not so much like the world’s policeman, but more like George Zimmerman — itching to use force and then pretending it’s because we had no choice.”

Maher suggested that the U.S. stop the cycle of bombing a Middle East country every few years and take care of our problems at home. Ceasing to engage on the national stage, Maher said, would actually make us feel safer from terrorism since we’re not kicking the hornet’s nest every once in a while.

Further, it’s a moral issue, insofar as it isn’t at all:

“How did we inherit this moral obligation to bring justice to the world via death from above? Are we Zeus?” Maher asked. “It doesn’t make sense. Our schools are crumbling and we want to teach everyone else a lesson.”

Check out Bill Maher sounding off on Syria below, and let us know what you think of his perspective in the comments:

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