Justin Bieber Showers Praise On His ‘Beautiful’ Mother, Admits He Is ‘Insecure’

Justin Bieber’s mom, Pattie Mallette, has had a lot to fret over this year. But it seems the Nowhere But Up best selling author doesn’t have to question her son’s feelings for her.

The “Baby” star recently opened up about his relationship with his mother, who gave birth to him at 18 after enduring an abusive childhood. Mallette raised her son with the help of her mother and step-father after splitting from Justin’s father, Jeremy Bieber.

When asked whom he considered the most beautiful person he knows, the 19-year-old told Top of the Pops magazine:

”My mother. She has sacrificed everything to raise me and help me get to where I am today.”

The teen singer added: ”She has always put her family first and I think that is so beautiful. Beauty comes from within. For me, it’s about being a kind person who cares about the world around you.”

It’s been a tough few months for Bieber’s family.

In addition to the singer’s constant presence in tabloid headlines, criticism of his behavior by the media, other celebrities, public opinion, and an endless stream of accusations that include alleged reckless driving, assault, battery, theft, alleged drug-taking, peeing into a kitchen mop bucket and various faux pas — the heartthrob’s relatives have been accused of not doing enough to discipline the star.

Asked for her view on her son’s conduct or bad press in numerous interviews while she promoted a new, teen edition of her 2012 autobiography, Pattie was often caught in a rock and a hard place of not wanting to abuse her son’s confidence and answering what some would call valid questions.

In a July interview with Extra, Mallette previously said, “If it affects the world the way it is, imagine how I feel as a mom seeing these headlines.”

That same month, she also told Bravo’s Watch What Happens: Live host Andy Cohen she thought Justin was getting a “bad rap,” while adding that she wasn’t “naive to think that my child is perfect and making all the best decisions of his life.”

Bieber’s maternal grandparents also hit back at criticism of the singer.

In July, the singer’s grandmother Diane Dale defended him, saying,

“It’s totally crazy. I feel sorry for Justin all the time because paparazzi pick on him all the time.”

She continued: “Anybody else’s kids have done the same thing but nobody says anything.”

Grandpa, Bruce Dale also had strong words for his grandson’s detractors,

“He’s just a 19-year-old boy – and before you criticize him, say, ‘What is my 19-year-old boy doing?,'” he thundered.

For his part, Justin appears to be focusing on recording ahead of new music releases in October and the debut of his documentary Believe.

Admitting to Top of The Pops that he has the same ”insecurities” as any other teenager, the pop prince added,

”Like every 19 year old, I’m figuring out who I am and who I want to be. I get self-conscious and insecure just like everyone else, but as long as you can believe in yourself, you can overcome it.”

The teen singer’s comments about Mallette comes after his return home to his native Canada to support his father Jeremy through his knee surgery.

Justin Bieber Admits He Is Insecure

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