Tropical Storm Ingrid Nears Mexico, Prompts Hurricane Warnings [Video]

Tropical Storm Ingrid took aim at Mexico on Friday, prompting officials to declare a hurricane watch for the Gulf Coast. The storm sent heavy rains toward the coast on Friday.

Ingrid has the potential to become a hurricane shortly before it makes landfall near the port city of Tampico either late Sunday or early Monday.

ABC News reports that the tropical storm’s maximum sustained winds on Friday were almost 60 mph, according to the US National Hurricane Center.

Forecasters added that the storm was mostly stationary, but would likely move north and curve into the coast near Tampico. Tropical Storm Ingrid could pose more issues for the Mexican state of Veracruz, where at least three major rivers were flooding or close to spilling over their banks already.

Officials stated that hundreds of people were evacuating low-lying areas. Heavy rains caused by Tropical Storm Fernand caused a landslide on Monday, killing 13 people.

USA Today notes that Ingrid’s biggest impacts to the region will be in the form of flash flooding, heavy rainfall, and mudslides. It is possible that the storm could bring more than 10 inches of rainfall to much of eastern Mexico. Some regions could experience 20 inches in the next week as Ingrid passes.

The hurricane center warned that the flooding from Tropical Storm Ingrid could be “life-threatening.” Ingrid could also bring much needed rain to some areas as far north as South Texas, depending on its track. AccuWeather meteorologist Alex Sosnowski explained, “Any reasonable rainfall will be welcomed by many residential and agricultural interests over the Rio Grand Valley.”

With Ingrid’s arrival, Mexico is now sandwiched by two fairly powerful tropical storms. On Mexico’s western coast, Manuel prompted the government to issue warnings for the Pacific coast. It is expected to make landfall late Saturday or early Sunday. It will also produce a significant amount of rainfall.

Tropical Storm Ingrid is one of three named systems in the Atlantic basin. Tropical Storm Humberto and Tropical Depression Gabrielle are spinning in the open Atlantic Ocean.

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