Dina Lohan Jokes After DUI Arrest, Says She Feels Like ‘Parent Trapped’

Dina Lohan has a sense of humor about her recent DUI arrest.

The 50-year-old mother of actress Lindsay Lohan was pulled over by New York State Troopers in Long Island on Thursday night for driving 77 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour zone. When police administered a breathalyzer test Dina blew a 0.2, more than twice the New York legal limit of 0.08.

After news of the arrest hit the media, Dina Lohan decided to make light of the situation. Her lawyer released a statement to Entertainment Tonight that included a pun on the name of her daughter’s famous movie.

The statement from Manhattan attorney Mark Heller read:

“Dina Lohan is a good person. Her life has been dedicated to her four children. She has worked hard her entire life and she has been a ‘Parent Trapped’ with the entire world watching her in a fishbowl with murky water due to no fault of her own.

“She appreciates the grave seriousness of this matter and is mindful that the Nassau County District Attorney considers these types of cases a top priority. But as an attorney with 45 years of experience, I am confident that as a first time offender, with absolutely no prior record, that the Judicial System will treat Dina Lohan with even-handed fairness.”

Police likely didn’t find the incident as funny. After Dina was booked on charges of speeding and driving while intoxicated, she allegedly made allegations that officers injured her during the course of the arrest.

“State Police called an ambulance to have Lohan evaluated,” the police statement says. “When emergency personnel arrived and evaluated Lohan, there were no injuries and she recanted her claim.”

Heller said the rest of the incident went smoothly.

“She was very cooperative and appropriate,” he said. “She recognized that the police were doing their job, and they recognized that she is a good person, that she was no threat to herself or society, and they released her without the requirement of bond.”

Dina Lohan is due in court later this month to address the DUI charge.