Jersey Shore Fire Arson Suspicions Investigated At Seaside Heights

The Jersey Shore fire has police suspicious of potential arson at Seaside Heights.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Jersey Shore fire has Snooki bemoaning the loss of the Beachcomber bar.

The Jersey Shore fire started at a custard stand according to initial reports but the cause is unknown. The Seaside Heights boardwalk fire was still smoldering on Friday even after firefighters had done their put to put the flames out.

Detectives in Jersey Shore began investigating the boardwalk fire shortly after it started. They’ve been sifting through the ashes trying to find out what caused the fire. Fire officials believe the Jersey Shore fire started near a Kohrs’ Brothers ice cream shop, with some witnesses blaming electrical wires underneath the custard stand for the fire.

Still, the circumstances surrounding the Seaside Heights boardwalk fire are deemed “suspicious.” The county prosecutor explained why they’re considering the Jersey Shore fire arson:

“Fire of this magnitude with no obvious cause goes to the lead investigative agency in the county, which in this case is the Ocean County Prosecutor’s office.”

Unfortunately, Jersey Shore boardwalk fires have a long history. From 1991 through today there have been eight fires that have destroyed buildings and businesses. Some of them have burned so hot they warped the steel beams holding the Seaside Heights boardwalk up. Authorities believe homeless people living underneath the boardwalks accidentally start the fires when warming or cooking their food.

Accusations of Jersey Shore boardwalk arson are also not new. In 2002, two teenage arsonists were blamed for starting a fire that burned down a haunted house and a boat ride. Fortunately, while there has been plenty of property damage no deaths ever resulted.

Do you think the new Jersey Shore fire at Seaside Heights might be arson?