James Franco Graces William Faulkners 'As I Lay Dying' Book Cover, Draws Criticism

James Johnson

William Faulker wrote a book in 1930 titled As I Lay Dying and that books jacket cover has now been hijacked by Hollywood heavyweight James Franco.

The Yale graduate recently decided to turn the book into a movie and as often happens a still from that movie was used for a reprinted edition of the novel.

Movie tie-ins are nothing new in Hollywood, in fact head to your local Barnes & Noble or order a book off Amazon and you will see plenty of movie tie-in covers. However, the cover this time around has irked prominent New York Times film critic Keith Unlich.

In response to the book cover Unlich sent out a tweet that immediately received dozens of favorites and retweets.

As expected most non-fans of the book cover were quick to attack James Franco for repurposing the book for his own gain.

— Keith Uhlich (@keithuhlich) September 12, 2013

"In case you're wondering: No, As I Lay Dying is not a memoir, and it is not by James Franco. And William Faulkner, though he did have a mustache, wasn't quite so hunky."

Given his starring role in the film and the standard Hollywood tie-in many Franco fans have stood up for the cover.

In this writers opinion if a picture of James Franco gets some teenager or adult to pick up As I Lay Dying then the cover has done its job well.

Here's the James Franco featured cover:

As I Lay Dying Cover

Do you have a problem with James Franco being featured on the cover of a William Faulkner classic?