Tennessee Titans pick Jeff Fisher of Vince Young

In a surprising act of clarity Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams has decided that a Head Coach is far better than a QB. Maybe he should call the Denver Broncos and break it down for them. Vince Young will be released or traded, and the Titans will begin a search for a new QB. That could include using the 8th overall pick in the coming NFL draft to find the QB of tomorrow. I think that is probably their best bet, unless they really think Kyle Orton is the man.

As for Vince Young I think some team out there will pick him up, and I think that list starts with the Oakland Raiders. Of course the Minnesota Vikings have a long history or using free agent QB’s, and even having QB’s with a similar skill set to Young. What I am saying is there are 8-10 NFL teams out there that need a QB, and that means Vince Young will still be a starting QB in this league come 2011, or whenever football starts up again.

Back to the Titans, Fisher is one of the best coaches in the NFL today, and he has been with this team for a very long time. Sometimes we talk about change for the sake of change but sometimes the status quo is preferable. Fisher almost won a Super Bowl with this team, and I think he is their guiding force. It makes a lot of sense to stick with him.

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