Xbox One Console Tour: Major Nelson Takes It To A Mall Near You

The Xbox One console tour could be coming to a mall near you, thanks to Major Nelson and his team.

In just over a month, the Xbox One will be released for sale at retailers nationwide (as previously reported by The Inquisitr), and instead of just hoping you'll buy one, Major Nelson has decided to go on tour and show the gamers what Microsoft's console can do. Considering Microsoft's track record with announcements, this may be the best idea he's had in a while. In a way, Major Nelson is following the classic adage of "show, don't tell" by putting the controller in your hand and letting you see for yourself if you want the console or not.

Major Nelson and the Xbox One team will be on hand at these console tour stops to answer questions that you have about the console and hopefully bury the "Xbone" once and for all. From what we've seen of Major Nelson in interviews, though, a lot of questions may go unanswered. He does tend to redirect the question and talk only about what he wants to, and dominate the conversation. If he could be brave enough to tour with Angry Joe, we might actually get some answers. We can still dream.

Major Nelson writes in his blog:

"During the Microsoft Store Opening, members of the Xbox team and I will be there to watch you play some of the amazing Xbox One games launching with Xbox One this November 22. We're giving YOU a sneak peek at what will be some of the great Xbox One titles including Forza 5 Motorsport and Killer Instinct. … I'll also have some giveaways during each event."

We can only hope that there will be other games on display, since not all gamers are racing and fighting fans. The schedule of stops for the Xbox One console tour can be seen on GameZone.