November 4, 2016
Breaking Bad Spinoff Could Take Place In Chicago, Says Bob Odenkirk

Could the Breaking Bad spinoff be moving out of New Mexico? AMC hasn't released too many details about the show but Bob Odenkirk said that there's a chance that Better Call Saul will take place in Chicago.

There isn't much information about the Breaking Bad spinoff available yet. Right now, all we really know is that it will be an hour long, it will feature Odenkirk, and Paul Gould will be spearheading the project.

The only other big piece of information that we have is that the Better Call Saul will take place before the events of Breaking Bad. That leaves the door wide open for current and former cast members to join Odenkirk on his new show.

You shouldn't expect Walter White to grace the small screen again but what about Saul's henchmen like Huell and Kudi? DEA Agent Hank Schrader most likely had a few run-ins with Saul before his brother-in-law started dealing meth. So did Gus Fring and Mike Ehrmantraut.

The Breaking Bad spinoff could feature several characters from the hit AMC show but right now it doesn't look like too many people have been invited to the party.

In an interview today with Rolling Stone, Huel, AKA Lavell Crawford, said that he didn't know anything about the Breaking Bad spinoff.

Huell said: "I heard about it on Twitter, but Vince [Gilligan] didn't say nothing to me, so I don't know. It would be fun, but I haven't talked to anybody about that. I'm not even keeping a secret – that's the truth... If they wanna do it, I'm game. I'd love to see what his mind would come up with. A sleazy Matlock, shaking down congressmen or something? That would be hilarious."

Even Odenkirk seems a little bit out of the loop.

In a Reddit AMA earlier this week, Odenkirk said: "Saul spin-off? Don't know. Really. I trust Vince Gilligan when he says he has a good idea for it, an idea that motivates him to want to work on it. Vince, obviously, can do anything he chooses at this point, so it's a massive honor that he would put any mental effort into a Saul show. Peter Gould is a Breaking Bad writer who wrote the first script that Saul appeared in, and, I believe, Peter is interested in a possible Saul show. So...that's a lot of goodwill and energy making it a possibility. But still, this is a creative endeavor we're talking about, and then there's the business side that would have to be worked many hurdles. I am thrilled that people like the character enough to want that show to happen."

Well it's happening. So what do you have to say now, Odenkirk?

The comedian doesn't know too many details yet but he did tell the Suntimes a little bit about Saul Goodman's back story. Before the Breaking Bad spinoff got the green light, Odenkirk talked to the Suntimes about Goodman's backstory and suggested that the new show could be set in Chicago instead of New Mexico.

Odenkirk said: "When I think about who Saul is, I think he grew up in Chicago — might be the South Side. Or it could be Downers Grove or all the way in Cicero... I know Downers and Cicero are very different places. I don't know if the spinoff needs to be set there but I would do that. He has to go back there to visit his dad who's in prison. That's all my idea, by the way, not Vince's."

Do you think the Breaking Bad spinoff should move out of New Mexico and into Chicago?