Dellen Millard: Police Search Farm For Third Day

Dellen Millard's farm is being searched for the third day in a row. Canadian authorities have linked Millard to the disappearance of 24-year-old Laura Babcock.

Millard and his friend Mark Smich are currently charged in the murder of 32-year-old Tim Bosma. Authorities found Bosma's charred remains buried on Millard's farm.

Police are also investigating the apparent suicide of Millard's father Wayne.

As reported by The Globe and Mail, Babcock exchanged several phone calls with Millard before her June 2012 disappearance. The pair was reportedly involved in a sexual relationship earlier that year.

Shawn Lerner, a friend of both Babcock and Millard, says that Babcock contacted Millard looking for "drugs and a place to stay." However, Millard reportedly denied her request.

Babcock's aunt, Lori Ryan, is concerned that her niece was killed. An incinerator was reportedly purchased by Dellen Millard shortly after Babcock disappeared. The incinerator was seized by police in May.

Following seizure of the incinerator, authorities performed a search of 100 acre property. However, no evidence in connection with Babcock or Millard's father was found.

As reported by The Star, search teams returned to the property on Monday. Throughout the last three days, witnesses report seeing the crews digging, raking, and searching an old barn.

Laura BabcockAuthorities have not discussed any details about the search or evidence recovered from the scene.

Attorneys for Mark Smich and Dellen Millard have stated that their clients will plead not guilty in the Tim Bosma case. Both men are charged with first degree murder.

As reported by CTV News, Millard and Smich expressed interest in purchasing Bosma's truck. All three men left for a test drive. However, Bosma never returned to his home.

Dellen Millard is now suspected in two other deaths including his father's. Officials explain that they returned to the farm after receiving new information.

[Image via Wikimedia]