Grizzly Bear Attacks The Hunter Who Shot It

A grizzly bear attacked the hunter who shot it. John Matson of Rhode Island shot the bear on an Alaskan hunting tour. Around 90 minutes later, the bear mauled Matson, causing serious injuries.

On Monday evening, Matson and his friends were on a guided tour in the Alaska wilderness. Matson eventually spotted and shot a grizzly bear. As reported by KTUU, the wounded bear immediately ran away from the hunters.

The hunting party decided to pursue the bear through the woods. After 90 minutes, they finally caught up with the bear.

As Matson approached, the grizzly bear attacked. The hunters shot the bear again. However, it eventually got away.

According to Alaska State Troopers, the bear was shot numerous times.

The hunting party attended to Matson’s wounds, which helped control the bleeding. They contacted state troopers for help. Unfortunately, their remote location made the rescue difficult.

The rescue team ran into several issues with communication and adverse weather. They could not reestablish contact with the hunters, so they were unclear about their exact location.

The rescue crew arrived at the estimated site 12 hours after the attack. However, they could not find the hunters. They were forced to return to their base to refuel.

When they returned, the Guardian Angel team searched a different area. The rescue team hiked through the wilderness, searching for the hunters. They finally located the party 15 hours after the grizzly bear attack.

Matson was transported to Anchorage for medical care. He suffered several injuries including one to his head. Although the injuries were serious, authorities report that they are “not life-threatening.”

As reported by the Mirror, it is not unusual for hunters to pursue bears. Alaskan wildlife biologist, Cathie Harms, suggests using extreme caution when approaching bears.

Captain Jeremy Brewer, with the 11th Air Force RCC, recommends the use of personal locator beacons. He explains that the beacons are sent directly to rescue crews. The beacons are essential for anyone entering remote areas.

The grizzly bear attack was certainly frightening. Thankfully, no one was killed.

[Image via Wikimedia]