Beyonce's AMA Performance: Ignored By Alicia Keys

Wow, Alicia Keys singlehandedly managed a major burn at the 2008 American Music Awards last night. Thanks to Splash News, we got to see footage of Alicia sitting down during Beyonce's performance while the rest of the audience looked completely into it (and was standing up). Were painful shoes or pangs of bitterness to blame?

Bad choice of Loubous aside, there could a couple reasons for Alicia to be looking so erm, competitive during Beyonce's AMA performance. There were the Grammy Wars in October (which Alicia won, I might add), and it doesn't help that their looks are often compared by 17-year-old boys plenty of people on the internet.

Is that enough for a major snub, or was this just an inopportune moment on Alicia Keys' part? I bet there's a bucketload of drama just waiting to be discovered between these two.