Ellen DeGeneres Reveals Pros And Cons For Hosting Oscars [Video]

Ellen DeGeneres revealed her pros and cons for hosting the Oscars next year. While the comedienne may be a pro, having hosted in 2007, her revelation on Wednesday shows she didn’t take the decision lightly.

Ellen explained to her studio audience, “The last time I hosted was in 2007 and it was fun. It was an honor.” So, why not host again?

DeGeneres explained that she had several pros and cons to hosting, from the possibility of wearing a dress to performing in front of 60 million people.

The Huffington Post notes that the choice of having Ellen DeGeneres host was seen as a good decision after the criticism last year’s host, Seth McFarlane, received.

The Family Guy creator failed to impress critics, especially with his opening monologue, which included the parody song, “We Saw Your Boobs.” The number was directed at actresses who had undressed onscreen. While Oscar telecast producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron liked the performance, it’s clear they decided to opt for someone different.

And Ellen was happy to take the job, after considering her pros and cons for doing so. USA Today notes that Ellen’s list, which she pulled from her sock, included the following:

“Pro: ‘ get to perform in front of 60 million people.’ Con: ‘Oh my God, 60 million people watch that thing.’ Pro: ‘I’ll be invited to all the cool Oscar after parties.’ Con: ‘I like to be tucked in by 7:30.’ Pro: ‘A lot of fancy designers will approach me to wear beautiful, expensive gown of theirs.’ Con: ‘Ain’t no way in hell I’m wearing a gown.’ Pro: ‘I’ve done it before. The second time should be even better.’ Con: ‘My second sitcom got canceled after five minutes.’ “

While Ellen’s cons were certainly something to consider, it is clear they didn’t outweigh the pros. We look forward to Ellen DeGeneres hosting the Oscars on March 2, 2014.

[Image via Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com]