Daily Show, Colbert Report Could Return To Hulu, Talks Underway

Viacom, owners of Comedy Central are in talks with online TV provider Hulu in the hopes of bringing The Daily Show and Colbert Report back to the Hulu platform.

Last year Comedy Central and Hulu failed to reach an agreement for price distribution which caused the network to pull their TV shows from the popular online platform.

According to the New York Times, both sides want to come to an understanding and in December they worked tirelessly to come up with a distribution plan that would satisfy both parties.

At one point Comedy Central wanted an “upfront payment” since they believed their shows brought in new “halo users” however whether or not that upfront payment will be given is still unclear.


The negotiation may lend itself to limited content through Hulu.com, while full access could be provided to users who purchase the $8 monthly Hulu Premium package.

Currently both The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are offered in full and for free via the ComedyCentral.com website.

Would you be willing to pay for older episodes and added Comedy Central footage via Hulu? For now I’m sticking with my trusty DVR.