Drugs, Suicide By Addiction To Fun Kills Rock Gods, Celebrities Like Cory Monteith

Drugs. Suicide. Rehab. Addiction. Detox. This endless vortex has sucked in many a rock god and celebrity.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Cory Monteith died from a heroin overdose. Posthumous productions featuring Cory Monteith are now being released, but the truth is he'll never really release anything again due to drugs.

Drugs are a tornado of mind numbing problems that family and friends deal with. The goal is to stop drug addiction, but how is the question.

One of the world's best songwriter Ian Hunter wrote two dirges. The first song entitled Rose was written for friends and family of drug abusers. The second song, Silver Needles, was intended for the drug users themselves. These songs are offered with my condolences for addicts and those around them whose lives have been ruined by addicts. As you listen, mourn for the dead, pray for the living and read on for help.

Celebrities Dead From Drugs... A Short History

Cory Monteith took the wrong amounts of heroin and alcohol so he died in 2013. He was a Teen Choice Award for Comedy winner.

The first British female to win five Grammys, Amy Winehouse died from alcohol poisoning 2011.

Three time World Champion Surfer Andy Irons mixed drugs and died in 2010.

Two time world champion figure skater Christopher Bowman died from multiple drug intoxication in 2008.

Actor Heath Ledger suffered an accidental drug toxicity overdose from six prescriptions in 2008.

Two time All-Australian Team Australian Rules Football Player Chris Mainwaring died from an accidental cocaine overdose in 2007.

Playmate of the Year Anna Nicole Smith died from an accidental prescription overdose in 2007.

Ramones bassist Dee Dee Ramone died from heroin in 2002.

The Who's bassist John Entwistle died from a cocaine induced heart attack in 2002.

Saturday Night Live comedian Chris Farley died from speed balls in 1997.

The list goes on and on. You don't have to add to the number.

Drug Addiction: How To Stop

You don't have to be physically or mentally addicted to drugs to die. Many of them were not. It was just another night of getting high that killed them all.

Drugs are a slow suicide masking years of refusing to fix the real reasons a person abuses drugs. Some drug abusers want to die usually because of something in the past that can not be changed. In that case, they need a special counselor to ultimately help them overcome their distress. Drugs don't always make you forget your pain, so for a time why not try something else?

Drug addiction complicates detoxing. If you completely stop taking your drug of choice it's called going "cold turkey." Muscle cramps and vomiting can last three to six agonizing days, which sometimes kills people in of itself. Organized crime loves hearing of an addict going cold turkey to quit an addictive drug. It could be pills, crack, meth, or whatever. They all have the same effect when you quit like that. You feel like you are going to die because you are so sick. Many people will never try to quit again and the mafia has a customer for the rest of an addict's miserable life. So, how do you quit for real?

Suboxone and Methadone Reduction programs can step you off drugs in two weeks to six months with no chance of dying. Problem is, it can take several months to see a doctor for treatment using legal prescription drugs to break physical addictions. You can quit on your own faster than you can get to a doctor in some places. Being physically free doesn't stop people from choosing to take addictive drugs and choosing freedom is the key. You must say, "I will not die from drugs. I will get clean or die trying!" That resolve opens freedom's door.

If you really choose to quit you can start now. Don't refuse a doctor's help if it comes. Addict, you can usually step down faster than you stepped up to the place you have bragged about getting to. Get a piece of paper and write down how much you use to get high and how long between doses. Next time you get high, take a little less and reduce the amount you take each time. Wait a little longer between the times you get high and stretch those out little by little. Never take more than the last dose and never closer together. Keep track of your progress and use up your stash for the last set of doses so you won't have contact with your dealer and be tempted to return to being an addict. Make a plan to step down so in one to four months you should no longer be physically addicted. What about mental addiction? NA helps a lot, but focus is your choice.

How Rock Gods Die From Partying

Former Deep Purple experimental guitarist Tommy Bolin was on his way to be the world's best guitarist when he died at age 25 according to The Ultimate Tommy Bolin Documentary (part2part3part4). A friend of Tommy Bolin said, "The only person who could tell Tommy to cool it was Tommy."

Tommy Bolin was not a junkie yet he died of Multiple Drug Intoxication. He partied himself to death one night. All it took was one bad night and then no more future. Tommy died before being dubbed Rock God - not fun.

Remember how your D.O.C. keeps you from doing what you really want to do. Focus on your future without addictions. You don't have to hit bottom before you swim to the surface. Some people get stuck in mud at the bottom and never resurface. Breaking physical addiction is surfacing. Then you must swim to shore which is refusing to continue being addicted. If you quit paddling you will drown. Paddle until you reach the shore of rest, freedom from addiction. Your life will only be as good as you work to improve it.

You will always want your favorite drug but you need to refuse it when its available. David Bowie knew heroin would always be around because he was and is a rock star. He never went back to heroin after he quit in spite of being offered the drug and seeing people shoot up in front of him. If you decided to quit, you can decide to leave drugs alone even though you may want them. Eventually, you won't. Until that time, do what the Bible recommends: "Flee the very appearance of evil."

Resources To Quit Drugs

These are written about heroin but the process discussed will work for other addictive drugs.

Drug Rehab



Heroin Assisted Treatment – Details the rehab described in this article:




Your Mind is the most important resource you have.

Remember, your choice to live instead of killing yourself is the most important resource you have.

You might not even be able to count on friends. Cory Monteith was surrounded by sober friends, yet in the end he still died from drugs. Don't be one of them.