Will George Zimmerman And Estranged Wife Shellie Face Jail Time?

Something went down between George Zimmerman and his estranged wife, Shellie, but the latest reports suggest that neither of them were arrested in the alleged domestic dispute, nor will they face charges.

Still, that’s just for the now news, and, depending on how the police investigation into the alleged domestic dispute goes, both of them could face charges.

According to GlobalGrind, Shellie could be up for assault charges in light of new evidence that suggests she actually struck George during the altercation. George, meanwhile, might face destruction of property charges or even evidence destruction charges.

Per the Orlando Sentinel, an iPad that reportedly had a video of the entire altercation was discovered at the scene but was broken, as though it had been smashed. Shellie said in the 911 call that George smashed her iPad, but police now have reason to believe he did so because of the video.

Investigators are hopeful that they’ll recover the video. But if they do, it could spell nasty consequences for both George and Shellie, even though the latter said she doesn’t want to press charges.


If the video shows her hitting George and a judge determines that he destroyed the iPad due to the video, they’ll both be brought up on state charges whether they like it or not.

“In Florida when it comes to domestic violence, the person in question doesn’t have the right to press charges or not press charges,” Lake Mary police spokesman Officer Zach Hudson said, adding, “we either forward charges (to the State Attorney’s Office) or make an arrest on scene.”

A more ignoble end to their marriage that George and Shellie hoped for, no doubt.