Jason Mortensen Wakes Up After Surgery, Forgets Wife [Most Romantic Video]

A young man named Jason Mortensen has had a rough bout of recurring surgery, health trials which have apparently taken a toll on his memory -- in a weirdly touching way.

See, in this currently viral video, Jason Mortensen wakes from anesthesia to begin asking the woman next to his bed who she is, and whether she's a model.

The twist is, of course, that the woman at his bedside is his loving wife Candice. Candice has been beside her husband as he endures his health problems and gamely accepts his apparent lapse of memory as he asks her if she's a model and whether or not they call each other "baby."

After Jimmy Kimmel scammed America with the viral twerk fail video and admitted the ruse, people are pretty wary that the clip is real. Alleged friends of Jason Mortenson comment on YouTube to suggest that the clip is totes authentic, but others point to an acting profile for a man that appears to be Mortensen on the web.

Whether or not Jason Mortensen's video forgetting his wife is authentic, it's probably destined to go even more viral as it certainly represents a desire most women have -- to be thought of by their other half as the pinnacle of beauty, the sort of woman he never believes he'd be lucky enough to land.

For his part, Mortensen explains on the video's about section:

"I wish I could remember this but I was definitely out of it. In a previous surgery I suffered a severe complication and we didn't know if I'd ever function the same again. [Candice] is the love of my life."

You can watch the video of Jason Mortensen seeing his wife "for the first time again" above, and form your own conclusions as to whether it's a genuine post-surgical haze or a young couple trying to fast viral fame -- but we agree most with one Gawker commenter, who quipped, "is this real wife?"