Google Glass Update: Song Recognition, Photo Vignettes, YouTube And Google Apps Integration

A new Google Glass update released on Tuesday allows Glass wearing users to take advantage of four new features.

Users can now add sound search, photo vignettes, and integration with both YouTube and Google Apps into their tech-based glasses.

The first feature identifies songs with the help of a Google Play widget. Users simply instruct their device to listen to a song that is currently playing and then identify that song.

Photo vignettes gives Google Glass wearers the ability to superimpose a small image of a currently running app using the photo they are taking.

The final two updates add integration with YouTube and Google Apps accounts. YouTube users can bring up videos when they are shown in search results, making it easier to navigate search results directly from Google Glass. Users can also play YouTube videos directly from Google Glass’ display.

The Google Apps integration makes it possible for Google Glass wearers to connect their device to a Google Apps account.

Google is still developing Google Apps integration, which means users are not likely to experience a fully functioning connection at this time.

As wearable tech continues to emerge, Google and its competitors will continue to introduce new advances in the field. The question now remains whether or not consumers are willing to put on a pair of Google Glass and travel out into the world

Do you like the new Google Glass updates rolled out by Google on Tuesday? Will you be buying Google Glass when it finally debuts for the general public?