iPhone 5S Apple Launch Event 2013: New iPhone Has iOS 7, Other Great Features

The iPhone 5S Apple launch even 2013 featuring iOS 7 and a new iPhone is currently underway. We'll be updating this article as Apple makes its announcements.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, anything not mentioned for the the iPhone 5S release date will probably be available with the future Apple iPhone 6 according to rumors. The iPhone 5S release date isn't even here yet people are already worrying about Apple iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner hacking.

The Apple iPhone 6 rumors claim future iPhone screen size will be between 4.8 and six inches and be made of flexible material. An iPhone virtual keyboard and display would be projected onto flat surfaces with four pico projectors. There's also rumors of Mac OS X merging with iOS 7, but that's unlikely to become available until some time between 2014 and 2016. The iPhone 6 release date is likely to be in 2014.

An iTunes Festival will be featuring concerts with Katy Perry. Apple is trying to keep interest in the Apple TV, especially now that both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will be featuring streaming TV.

Apple worked very hard to finish iOS 7 for the iPhone 5S as well as all the other older iPhones. The developer version of iOS 7 will be released today. iOS 7 will feature a new lock screen and home screen. A new Control Center will be available by swiping from the bottom of the screen. The iOS 7 release date is set for September 18 and will be free for download.

Siri will have a new male voice and can search Wikipedia. The iPhone iOS 7 camera app will have new effects built in and your photo library can be organized by year or location.

The new art style for iOS 7 is what people will really notice. The lock screen will change from the traditional grid to round black buttons. App icons will be flatter and matte colored. The apps will themselves redesigned to be more uniform and black and white. They will also get rid of the color gradients and shiny effects.

iTunes Radio comes packaged with iOS 7. The idea is to compete with Pandora and other streaming radio solutions. iTunes Radio will be free and supported by audio and video ads.

Apple talks about lowering the price of the iPhone 5 by releasing the iPhone 5C, which will be available in multiple colors:

"In the past when we have announced a new iPhone we have lowered the price of the current iPhone, making it more accessible to more people. But this year we aren't going to do that. This year we are going to replace the iPhone 5. We are going to replace it with not one but two new designs."

The Apple iPhone 5C will have five official multi-color cases made from poly-carbonite. Cases will be $29 each. The iPhone 5C comes with a 4-inch screen just like the original iPhone 5. Not seeing the iPhone champagne gold color, so perhaps Apple will no longer have to worry about being sued by the French.

When purchased with a 2-year contract the iPhone 5C will be $99 for the 16GB version and $199 for the 32GB variant. The iPhone 5C doesn't stand for iPhone 5Cheap. Besides new colors and being cheaper the iPhone 5C will offer more cell network coverage and also Bluetooth 4.0. Basically, Apple wants the old iPhone 5 to stop being sold.

Apple says the iPhone 5S "is the most forward thinking phone we have ever created." It's liquid metal gold, silver, and "space gray." Oh wait, gold looks like champagne so the French will be pissed.

The iPhone 5S CPU is based upon the A7 as expected. Previous iPhone 5S rumors expected a 31 percent increase in speed over the iPhone 5 although the charts seem to indicate a two times increase. The CPU is also full 64-bit because iOS 7 has a 64-bit version in addition to the 32-bit version for older iPhones. iOS 7 will of course be backwards compatible with 32 bit apps, which represents the majority of iPhone Apps.

The integrated iPhone 5S GPU will be an estimated two times faster. Epic Games showed off Infinity Blade as an example of the new graphics processing power of the iPhone 5S. Infinity Blade will the iPhone 5S release date launch game. The graphics appear to be on par with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. But no modern mobile GPU can touch the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 hardware. As far as I'm aware the Nvidia Tegra 4 is the fastest mobile GPU available now.

The iPhone 5S has a M7 sensor that can monitor data and if you are running, walking, driving. The Nike Plus Move app will be useful for exercising. It's possible this M7 sensor will be used in the Apple iWatch, which is rumored to have similar features.

The iPhone 5S battery life promises 10 hours of LTE, 3G, and WiFi browsing. Standby can last for 250 minutes. Music is 40 minutes and video is 10.

The new iPhone 5S camera offers a new sensor, a 2.2 view aperture, and 15 percent more active sensors. The size of the image sensor largely determines the quality of the final image. Small image sensors can't grab as much light.

The iPhone 5S camera app will also be enhanced for 28 megapixel panorama, better autofocusing, and black/white balancing. The flash apparently represents more normal looking white coloration via dual LED flashes. The camera app also grabs multiple images for a single picture and analyzes them for blurriness, auto-picking the sharper image. Burst mode can take 10 photos per second. This is very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S4 camera.

Slow motion mode with the iPhone 5S camera mode captures 120 frames per second. Since the US movie frame rate is 24 frames per second that means slow motion can be 1/5 normal speed.

The iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner has been confirmed as the rumors thought. It's integrated into the home button. The iPhone fingerprint sensor actually has a separate mini-computer for processing your biometrics information. Your iPhone 5S fingerprint will be called the Touch ID.

The Touch ID fingerprint sensor is capacitive and 170 microns thin. Touch ID 500ppi resolution, which is quite impressive. Touch ID can scan in 360 degrees so you don't have to have the orientation of the iPhone 5S. Like many laptop based fingerprint sensors, the Touch ID can learn multiple fingers.

Uh oh, Touch ID can be used to log into iTunes to buy stuff. Sounds good but experts have already said this raises the potential for iPhone 5S Touch ID hacking despite Apple saying this makes the iPhone 5S the most secure smartphone ever. The good news is that the home button has been reinforced with a sapphire crystal and a steel ring. Previous iPhones suffered from damaged home buttons, so hopefully this will help.

The iPhone 5S starts at $199 with a two year contract for the 16GB version (why buy the iPhone 5C now?). The 32GB iPhone 5S is $299 and the 64GB iPhone 5S is $399. The iPhone 5S cases will be $29, just like the iPhone 5C. The iPhone 4S will be free with a contract.

The iPhone 5S release date is September 20 as previously rumored. Pre-orders will start on Friday the 13th. Jason will love the iPhone. Oh, and don't forget the Klingon nerds.