British Soldier Bullied For Refusing To Go Drinking

An 18-year-old soldier has revealed that he was ridiculed, stripped, and bullied by fellow soldiers after he refused to go drinking with them.

The unnamed recruit was reportedly stripped naked, and pinned to the floor by other soldiers, who then tied up his genitalia before taking numerous pictures while also subjecting him to physical abuse too.

The incident occurred at an army barrack in Germany, and those involved were part of the infamous Rifles infantry division.

The abused solider has since returned home to Britain, and he originally went absent without leave because of the bullying he received. Because of this he now faces time inside a military prison.

The anonymous soldier told The Mirror, “You learn to take it. If you complain, it just gets worse, so you keep your mouth shut.”


Discussing the ordeal, which took place in March, he added, “They wanted me to go out with them for a few drinks but I didn’t want to go. They were all Riflemen, the same rank as me. There were no Corporals or Lance Corporals around. I sensed something was coming.”

He continued, “Three of them came charging into my room. They stripped me and tied me up with sniper tape when they wrapped a load of it around my head. They dragged me out into the corridor. A few people took a load of pictures and they left me lying there while they all went outside for a cigarette. I managed to get free. It lasted about 10 minutes.”

Pictures appeared on Facebook days after the incident, but even though an investigation was launched, the man refused to reveal further details as he feared that would lead to more abuse. He also revealed that his toil isn’t unique, and that he had witnessed other incidents throughout his training.

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