iPhone 5S: Rumors Of Fingerprint Pay System, Larger Display May Not Pan Out

The iPhone 5S will finally be unveiled Tuesday, putting an end to rumors that have been running rampant in the past few weeks over what the latest Apple device will contain.

Though there have been rumors of new touchscreen payment systems and an expanded screen, reports indicate that not everything leaking out about the iPhone 5S is true.

Pretty much the only official word from Apple is that it will make an announcement on Tuesday that promises to “brighten everyone’s day.” Apple has said nothing about the phones that are likely to be announced or what features they may have, so the rest of the information has come through bloggers and other leaks.

The iPhone 5S is expected to be something like the iPhone 4S — more of an update to a current iteration of iPhone, with some improved features and bit of a new look.

One of the expected features is a fingerprint sensor underneath the home button that provides greater security. With the sensor, users will be able to log into their phones by simply swiping a finger.

While this feature is considered something close to a lock — with a number of leaks indicating the fingerprint system will be included, as well as information from the credible Mark Gurman at 9to5Mac — it appears it will not be as exciting as rumors once indicated. After Apple bought out the fingerprint scanning company AuthenTec for $350 million, there was rampant speculation that the iPhone 5S would give users the ability to tap-to-pay with their iPhone at cash registers. Now it appears that won’t be included.

The iPhone 5S is also expected to have the new iOS 7 operating system, one that’s considered revolutionary in its own right. The system abandons the visual cues for many popular apps for a more modern look. It’s also likely to have a better camera.

The full iPhone 5S launch will take place Tuesday at 1 pm ET.