Mt. Diablo Fire Continues To Grow

The Mt. Diablo fire continues to grow. The 1,500 acre blaze has forced hundreds of evacuations and injured one firefighter.

The fire is in Clayton, California, just outside Mt. Diablo State Park. More than 250 firefighters worked overnight to contain the blaze. Despite their efforts, the fire is currently only 10 percent contained.

As reported by Mercury News, last night’s crews have been replaced with 500 additional firefighters. Crews have traveled from all over the state to battle the blaze.

East Bay Region Park District fire Lieutenant Mark Tait arrived on scene this morning. This is his third major wildfire in the last two months. He says that the fires are “pretty standard stuff” for the season.

Tait explains that the fires are always a challenge, and can be deadly. He relies on his “training and a lot of coffee. A lot of coffee.”

The 42-year-old lieutenant also relies on support from his family.

As of this morning around 100 homes were evacuated. Helicopters are monitoring the Mt. Diablo fire from above, alerting officials as the fire grows and changes direction.

Fire officials will use air tankers to disburse fire-retardant from the air. On the ground, firefighters are struggling to keep the fire away from residential homes.

Officials are working to remove brush from around homes in the path of the fire. However, as the blaze spreads, they are unsure if their efforts will help.

As reported by San Francisco Chronicle, the climate and terrain are contributing to the blaze. The dry hot weather only fuels the fire.


Residents are concerned about their farm animals as well. Volunteers are helping residents gather their animals and transport them to safe locations.

The Clayton Community Library is prepared with evacuation information. The Library is working with local residents to arrange temporary housing for people and their animals.

As the Mt. Diablo fire continues to spread, residents are reminded to be cautious and prepared for possible evacuation.

[Image via deviantArt]