Tropical Storm Humberto Forms In Atlantic, Could Become Hurricane

Tropical Storm Humberto, as it is dubbed, has been found forming in the Atlantic on Monday morning. The storm was discovered off of Africa’s western coast following Tropical Depression 9. The storm is expected to grow over the coming days. Experts believe Humberto may become the season’s first hurricane.

Accuweather reports that earlier this year several tropical storms have formed in a nearby area but have failed to become hurricanes. Winds from the storm measured on Monday show speeds of up to 40 MPH.

Located over 100 miles south of the Cape Verde Islands and a disruptive wind shear, Tropical Storm Humberto will likely have a good shot at getting to form into a larger storm. Experts say that, by Wednesday, it will be clear whether or not this will happen.

The storm is being tracked moving west, away from Africa, at around 12 miles per hour, according to ABC News. How long it remains on a due west path will determine Humberto’s chances of becoming a hurricane. Eventually, though, Tropical Storm Humberto is expected to make a turn toward the north. When it does, it will likely hit dry air and wind shear that will slow the storm’s growth.

Meteorologists are watching the storm, but they do not believe it will reach many populated areas. People living in the Cape Verde Islands, however, are already experiencing some high winds and rains. If Humberto turns north soon, they may see worsening weather conditions. The storm, however, is expected to change directions long before reaching the Caribbean Islands, where it is currently aimed.

Hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean have been off to a slow start this season. If Tropical Storm Humberto fails to form into a hurricane by Thursday, a new record will be set for the latest start to the Atlantic hurricane season.

[Image via ShutterStock]