Lucky UFO: Canadian Baseball Team Scores Four Runs After Spotting UFO [Video]

A UFO was spotted this week at a minor league baseball game in Canada.

According to the Daily Mail, the UFO was spotted above Nat Bailey Stadium in Vancouver, Canada, during the sixth inning of the Canadians game against the Everett AquaSox. The strange object was seen by hundreds of baseball fans and even sparked the Twitter hashtag #luckyUFO.

Why #LuckyUFO? Well, apparently the Canadians scored four runs wile the UFO was hanging in the sky.

Of course, the UFO video sparked more than a hashtag. It also started a conversation about extraterrestrial beings, conspiracy theories, and plausible explanations.

Here are some of the explanations floating around for the latest UFO video.

  • It was an RC plane. The colors of the UFO apparently match the color scheme of a popular RC model.
  • It was an actual plane. The camera is facing southwest in the direction of Vancouver International Airport. The UFO may have just been a slow moving plane.
  • The Vancouver Canadians have intergalactic fans. The UFO came to the stadium to watch some baseball and give the Canadians some cosmic luck.

Here’s the video of the Canadian UFO. Do you think it’s an RC plane? A real plane? Or the real thing?