Premila Lal: Teen Prank Leads To Shooting Death

Premila Lal was shot and killed when a teen prank went wrong. The 18-year-old Colorado girl was trying to frighten a family friend. Unfortunately, the joke was not as harmless as it seemed.

Lal and her family were in the process of selling their home. They moved out of the house and removed most of their belongings. The Lal family gave 21-year-old Nerrek Galley permission to stay in the home until it was sold.

Premila Lal and her 12-year-old cousin went to visit Galley at the house. As reported by CNN, Lal thought it would be funny to hide in the closet. She planned to jump out and surprise her friend.

When Lal jumped out of the closet, Galley was startled. Out of fear, he grabbed his gun and shot the presumed intruder.

Witnesses recall hearing a gunshot and seeing several teens running from the home.

Premila Lal was taken to the hospital; however, she was pronounced dead within an hour.

Praveen Lal says his daughter’s death was a tragic accident. He does not want Galley to receive harsh punishment. He explains that he “lost a daughter” and he does not “want anybody else to lose their son.”

Longmont Police Department Commander Jeffrey Satur says that the witness statements were consistent with evidence at the scene. Police are calling the incident “unintended and extremely tragic.”

Premila Lal Killed During PrankThe shooting was deemed accidental by authorities. However, Galley is facing numerous criminal charges. He is currently being held in the Boulder County jail on charges of reckless endangerment.


As reported by WUSA News, Galley is also charged with having a gun in the presence of a minor. Premila Lal’s 15-year-old brother was with Galley at the time of the shooting.

Additional charges include child endangerment and providing a handgun to a minor.

Premila Lal is remembered as a promising athlete and a bright student.

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