Is Rihanna Pregnant? American Music Award Test Not Positive

The Inquisitr team were on high alert for any sign of a tell tale baby bump on Rihanna during the American Music Awards. Rihanna fainted at a concert in Australia where she was appearing along side her boyfriend and potential baby daddy, Chris Brown sparking a feverish round of rumors about Rihanna being pregnant.

Watching the American Music Awards it was hard to tell if Rihanna is pregnant. The dress she wore is frilly, and would strategically cover up any baby bump, and the film crew covering the awards steadfastly refused to give a closer full frontal shot, it was as if they were taunting us. There were plenty of framed head shots, or long distance full shots. Check out the video and see what you think. Is it a conspiracy to cover up a pregnant Rihanna?

Rihanna cleaned up at the awards with the 20-year-old winning Favorite Female Artist in the Pop/Rock Music category and also winning Favorite Female Artist in the Soul/Rhythm & Blues Music category.

Chris Brown also won the same categories but obviously the male version.