Japanese Man Walks 800 Miles Home After Mugging

A Japanese man was mugged 800 miles away from his home in Sendai and then decided to walk all the way back to the city from Kitakyushu, as he didn't want to inconvenience his family or the local police.

The unnamed man was attacked in Kitakyushu on August 25 but then vanished for 11 days before finally reappearing in his home city of Sendai, located in the northeast of Japan.

Days earlier, his mother had reported him missing because he had failed to catch his return flight home. However, it now turns out, that her worries were completely unfounded as he had simply decided to walk home after being mugged.

The 25-year-old was jumped after visiting Kitakyushu to play in a card playing convention. He was set upon by five men who demanded that he gave them his wallet and mobile phone.

Despite the robbery he managed to get away with Y2,000, which is around $20, that he had concealed inside his shoe. However, instead of contacting police or even calling up his family to explain his situation, he just walked home.

He told the Yomiuri newspaper, "I used the money I had hidden in my show to buy bread and water to fight off the hunger. It was good to be able to get home, but I did not want to cause any problems for anyone. I'm sorry to everyone that I inconvenienced."

His relieved, but slightly bewildered mother, told the same publication, "I was shocked and thought I was seeing a ghost when he arrived. I'm just thrilled he is back and I'm very sorry to everyone who was worried about him."

However, the man did add that he was able to pick up a rare card during his exhausting expedition, so his toil wasn't a complete loss.

[Image via Carlos Violda/Shutterstock]