Patrick Stewart's Wedding Announcement Pic Cooler Than You Can Ever Hope To Be

When Patrick Stewart got married, he didn't bother with any of that formally posed, stiff, and unnatural stuff -- he took it to the ball pit.

Internet geeks will instantly connect Patrick Stewart's wedding pic with one very popular and sweet XKCD comic, simply called "Grownups," but if you follow the actor on Twitter, you also will recall this pic -- where he sits in a ball pit, just chillin'.

After Stewart and longtime girlfriend Sunny Ozell got hitched, the star tweeted a simple message to his more than 600,000 Twitter followers.

Saying just "Yes, married," Stewart included a pic of himself and Ozell together in a ball pit, both smiling happily and covered completely except for their faces.

Does it get cooler than that? Is it possibly cooler to get married, not be totally dorky about it, take the coolest wedding pic ever, not be sappy, and impress the whole internet?

Maybe? Sir Ian McKellen was on hand as well... to officiate the nuptials.

Not only did McKellen provide a vows-officiating role that most fanboys and fangirls would actually give a limb to experience, he also shouted out the couple and announced his role in the gig on Facebook.

Here's what @SirPatStew (Patrick Stewart's Twitter handle) had to say about the affair on Twitter:

And Ian McKellen's Facebook update:

[fb link=""][/fb]

We suspect a rash of Patrick Stewart ball pit wedding pics will soon swamp Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and all other sharing services following the novel announcement. (But it won't be nearly as cool.)

So, did Patrick Stewart win the internet this weekend?