‘World War Z’ Sequel Is In The Works, Says Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt claims that a World War Z sequel is currently in the works. However, it could be a while before the project hits the big screen.

Despite the negative buzz that surrounded the flick before its release, director Marc Forster’s adaptation of Max Brooks’ acclaimed novel managed to do pretty well at the box office. The movie’s success has prompted the folks at Paramount Pictures to strongly consider a sequel.

The actor recently opened up about the possibility of a World War Z sequel during a recent chant with Variety. Pitt was recently asked the question while promoting 12 Years a Slave at the Toronto Film Festival.

“We’re certainly talking about it, yes. We have so many ideas on the table from the time we spent developing this thing and figuring out how the zombie worlds work,” he explained.

According to Brad Pitt, the filmmakers have quite a bit of material to pull from Max Brooks’ book. However, the actor said they are waiting for the script to be perfect before moving forward with the project. Judging from his comments, Pitt could possibly return for the follow-up.

The World War Z star previously discussed the proposed sequel during another chat earlier this summer. However, Pitt stopped short of revealing whether or not he would return for another go-around.

“There is enough [material] to mine from the book. We could barely get a fraction of the book in [this movie]. So we’ll see. We’ll see,” he told Moviefone back in June.

Although many folks thought the adaptation of Brooks’ novel would crash and burn at the box office, Marc Forster’s effort turned out to be a surprise hit. The $190 million zombie flick ended up generating a tidy $536 million from around the world.

Did you enjoy Brad Pitt’s World War Z? Do you think Paramount Pictures will eventually move forward with a sequel?

[Image via Paramount Pictures]