Kate Middleton’s Post Baby Routine Revealed

Despite the extreme excitement during the birth of H.R.H. George Alexander Louis, Kate Middleton looked as if she had not even been pregnant at her last public appearance in Wales. Now, thanks to Vanity Fair, we will finally discover the details of her post delivery routine.

The Duchess of Cambridge has always been a fashion icon and anything she touches turns quite literally turns to gold. Due to her extreme popularity, the demand for versions of her maternity dresses crashed the websites that sell them.

So what is her secret to getting back her figure so quickly?

For one, lots of rest and relaxation during her stay at her parents’ home in Bucklebury. Hoping to ensure their privacy and provide a calm environment for the young Prince, William and Kate left London almost immediately after baby George was born.

After making their first public appearance outside the hospital the day after the birth of the royal baby, the couple departed the city for the quieter home of Carole and Michael Middleton.

There, the new family enjoyed their privacy in an en suite bedroom, with their own living room and enough space for George to sleep next to Kate Middleton in his little bassinet.

In their October issue, Vanity Fair, will publish an excerpt of Katie Nicholl’s biography of Catherine, in which she gives us a more personal glimpse of Kate’s activities after giving birth to the heir to the throne.

The decision to spend time with Kate’s parents proved to be the perfect arrangement for William and Kate, who didn’t want to hire staff to care for their baby. In Bucklebury, the couple has the assistance and babysitting services of Carole and Michael Middleton at all times.

According to family friend George Brown, prior to the wedding, the royal couple and Kate’s parents decided together that her family would be involved in the upbringing of the newlyweds’ children.

As to Kate’s diet, the magazine reports that each morning, Carole made nutritious smoothies for her daughter and also cooked healthy meals.

Kate Middleton also reportedly snacked on her favorite muesli bars, and of course, breastfeeding probably sped up her post baby weight loss.