William Shatner Makes ‘Big Bang Theory’ Cameo Promise At Comic Con

William Shatner could soon find his way to The Big Bang Theory.

The hit CBS show frequently references comic books and sci-fi shows like Star Trek. Several actors, like Trekies Leonard Nimoy, Wil Wheaton, Brent Spiner, LeVar Burton, have also popped up on the occasional episode.

Shatner, however, has yet to do a Big Bang Theory cameo.

During Comic-con this weekend, Captain Kirk sat down for a Q&A session with Batman (Adam West). The two talked about a failed project they did together in the 1960s, Alexander the Great, as well as their experiences playing such iconic characters. At the end of the interview, both actors were asked if they would consider making a cameo on The Big Bang Theory.

West wasn’t against the idea, telling the audience that “maybe” it would happen in the future. Shatner, on the other hand, promised the audience that he would “make a few calls” when he got back to Los Angeles to see if he could find a spot on the show.

William Shatner said: “I promise you, I’m going back to L.A. tomorrow. Monday morning I’ll make a call, OK?”

Shatner has been asked that question a few times before and he might want to make a cameo just so people will stop bothering him about it. Last year, Shatner told Collider that he would be interested in a cameo if the writers came up with something interesting for him.

Shatner said: “If they came up with a really good reason for being on there…a really funny reason…I would do it.”

For the mean time, Shatner is busy celebrating Star Trek’s 47th anniversary and planning his prog rock album.