Twhirl Gets a Fresh Coat of Paint

Twitter and FriendFeed client Twhirl has release an updated version (0.8.2) that finally tackles the applications biggest flaw: looks.

The biggest change is how Twhirl renders FriendFeed entries. Gone are the days of Twhirl generating hard to read text and difficult to follow threads, replaced instead by a cleaner look, clearer fonts (at least the headlines are bolded) and easier to access and read user details.

The Twhirl Twitter client doesn’t miss out with new gradient backgrounds, although there appears to be no changes to the presentation of the text itself.

Other new features include support for FriendFeed rooms, an auto-throttle for Twitter API usage, the ability to hide old tweets and messages, a system status feed, and “many other fixes and enhancements.”

I’ve come to love Twhirl’s Twitter client over time, mostly due to it’s superior range of built in features (compared to other apps) but despite keeping the FriendFeed client opened I’d reverted to interacting with FriendFeed nearly exclusively via the website. The new looks are immediately appealing, and although I won’t be abandoning the website, I can see myself starting to use Twhirl for FriendFeed again more often. Definitely a positive step forward.