Pippi Longstocking Sex Tape Will Be Released, Actress Decides To Stop Fighting For Removal

Pippi Longstocking’s sex tape is coming to market. Tami Erin, the 39-year-old actress who played the famed freckled girl, has agreed to allow for sale of the footage.

Erin recently learned that someone was shopping around footage from the tape she made with her ex-BF. At the time of the tapes discovery Tami Erin told TMZ that she was “furious” about the sex tape and that her boyfriend was a “piece of sh*t.”

A new report suggests that Tami has decided to stop fighting the sex tapes release. She see its arrival online as “inevitable” and therefore feels that getting paid for its release makes sense.

The Pippi Longstocking actress is reportedly accepting bids from several adult film companies and will sell to the highest bidder.

Speaking once again to TMZ the actress says, “My ex boyfriend is trying to release it with or without me. I’m beating him to the punch.”

Emergence of the adult film hasn’t sat well with fans of The New Adventures Of Pippi Longstocking.

Here’s a good example tweet from a concerned fan:


I freakin loved Pippi Longstocking this is really saddening to me that Pippi is now making herself Pippi the Pornstar

— Emily Hewitt (@emsfaye) August 27, 2013

Here’s the original call in to TMZ in which Tami Erin voiced her disgust with the adult film.

Do you think the Pippi Longstocking sex tape should be released with its owners blessing and likely a big payday or should she avoid touching the tape for her own profit?