Android Trojan Virus Infects Via Alien BotNets, Texting, Fake Google Play Stores

Patrick Frye

An Android trojan virus named Backdoor.AndroidOS.Obad.a infects Android smartphones and is already being compared to some of the worst Windows malware.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Android KitKat is the official name for Android 4.4.

The Kaspersky Antivirus team explains how the Android trojan virus works:

"This double infection attempt starts with a text message to users, urging them to download a recently received text message. If the victim clicks the link, a file containing Opfake.a is automatically downloaded onto the smartphone or tablet."

This is what the text messages from the Android trojan virus look like:

MMS message has been delivered, download from

You have a new MMS message, download at -

You have a new MMS message, download at -

Deleting the Android trojan virus will be difficult since it gives itself Administrator rights. The Google Play store is effected, with the Android trojan virus creating fake pages that redirect your phone to fake versions of apps.

Google's Android 4.3 fixed the exploits that allow this Android trojan virus to function, but very few devices run such a new version of Android. But although this Android trojan virus is spreading quickly the damage has mostly been limited to Russia and eastern European nations. The Android trojan virus also requires the actions of the user in order to spread, so if people are careful this nasty bit of malware shouldn't be an issue.