Jennie Garth Back Off The Market, Shows Off New Boyfriend

Jennie Garth didn’t stay on the market too long.

Fresh off a split with boyfriend Jeremy Salken, Garth already has a new man in her life. The 41-year-old actress shared a picture of her new boyfriend, Michael Shimbo, on Instagram this week along with the tag #luckylady.

A source confirmed to People magazine that the relationship is starting to get serious. Jennie Garth has brought Shimbo along on a double date with former Beverly Hills 90210 co-star Shannen Doherty, and she recently brought him along as her guest to the Comedy Central roast of James Franco.

Garth had been dating Salken for a few months, and just finalized her divorce from Twilight actor Peter Facinelli in June.

That split did not come came as a surprise to many in Hollywood. Thought Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli seemed from a distance to be a grounded couple, working together to raise their three daughters, there were growing problems related to his career.

Since the split the couple remained amicable, but have worked to clear all the vestiges of their relationship. This week the couple closed the sale of their Toluca Lake home, taking $2 million below their asking price.

It wasn’t exactly a big loss for the couple, however. Public records show that the couple bought the house for $1.35 million back in 2003, and they still made $3.99 million for the sale, so they walk away from the deal with a good chunk of change.

While Jennie’s new boyfriend may not be a movie star, Michael Shimbo is a big shot in his own right. The San Francisco-based media executive is the CEO of a video travel channel, PlanesTrains+Automobiles.

Jennie Garth has another marriage under her belt as well. She was once married to Daniel Clark, but filed for divorce in 1996.