Apple Injunction In eBooks Antitrust Case Says Apple Guilty Of Price Fixing

An Apple injunction on eBooks by a judge in the Apple eBooks antitrust case says Apple is guilty of price fixing.

As previously reported The Inquisitr, the latest Apple iPhone 5S and 5C rumors make it clear Apple will have a good September despite the judge’s Apple injunction.

The judge’s Apple injunction hopes to force Apple to obey US antitrust laws by stopping any Apple iBookstore price fixing. The Apple antitrust case concluded two months ago that Apple used the popularity of its Apple iTunes store to conspire with eBooks publishers to prices on eBooks in general.

The judge claims the Apple injunction was necessary because Apple wasn’t complying with the decision of the Apple eBooks antitrust case. Apple is not allowed to write contracts with publishers that restricts Apple’s ability to reduce prices on eBooks nor the prices of the Apple eBooks store be tied to price used by other publishers or retailers like Amazon. The judge had also wanted to make Apple allow competitors like Amazon be to use iPhone apps to sell eBooks without giving Apple their 30 percent commission, but this measure was not included in the final Apple injunction.

But Apple denies the judge’s Apple injunction on the eBooks store was necessary:

“Apple did not conspire to fix e-book pricing. The iBookstore gave customers more choice and injected much needed innovation and competition into the market. Apple will pursue an appeal of the injunction.”

Apple will appeal the judge’s Apple injunction in the Apple eBooks antitrust case. Reports differ on this matter, but the Apple injunction will remain in place for two to five years to ensure Apple complies.