Katee Sackhoff Sought Parental Approval For Topless Scene [Video]

When Katee Sackhoff was asked to go topless in Riddick, asking her dad for permission was a no-brainer.

"I did. I asked permission," Sackhoff admitted to Yahoo! Movies.

"I would hate for my father to regret all his support that he's given me over the years, and be embarrassed by anything I chose to do. So I definitely asked permission."

In Vin Diesel and David Twohy's third entry in the Riddick universe, Sackhoff plays Dahl, the only female member of a group of bounty hunters searching for the title character, Richard B. Riddick (played by Diesel).

The 33-year-old actress strips down for a shower in the middle of the film, and she is shown topless for a moment. But it's not too much, something that Sackhoff was relieved to see when the finished product came out.

"I was pleasantly surprised and happy that not only was it not gratuitous, but that you almost don't even notice it because of the levity of what just happened," she said.

As far as her dad goes, "He said, 'Just tell me when to close my eyes.' And that he was very proud of me."

Riddick is now playing in theaters nationwide, and is boasting a modest box office against mixed, mostly positive reviews. If you want to Katee Sackhoff topless, that'll be your only chance.

Check out Katee Sackhoff's interview with Yahoo! Movies below, and let us know what you think. Is it strange that she asked her dad for permission to go topless?