Walmart Manager Fired For Muslim Remark On Facebook

A Walmart manager was fired for his Muslim remark on Facebook.

In Hamburg, New York, two Muslim women walked into a Walmart store in full attire, wrapped from head to toe, setting off the part in this Walmart manager’s brain that didn’t think things through. He shared a picture of the two women on Facebook in a very inappropriate manner.

The Muslim remark that got Walmart manager Terry Earsing fired was on that same photo, which was captioned, “Halloween came early this year … do they really have to f***ing dress like that … your in my country … get that sh** off!!!!!.”

A Walmart spokeswoman later told Buffalo News, “As soon as we became aware, we began looking into this and as a result, this associate is no longer with the company. We set high expectations for our associates, and this associate clearly failed to meet these expectations at every level.”

The company is known for its incentive program that encourages employees to excel in order to achieve better raises, and this Walmart manager couldn’t even meet the demands he set for the people he was in charge of. The Walmart manager ended up fired for his Muslim remark on Facebook.


It seems these days people are getting more and more careless with what they post on social media, not realizing that their postings can be used against them, much like at least one man who posted his drunk driving shenanigans and was arrested, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. It does matter what you say because it’s public.

Later on, the Walmart manager who was fired said that the picture was given to him by a friend and all he did was add the caption, which was clearly what got him fired. Terry Earsing went on to say he was very sorry for what was said, and that it had only started out as a joke. He also said he did not post the photo while at work, but it doesn’t matter when or where it’s said, if the public can read or hear it.

When you don’t think things through, like the Walmart manager who was fired for his Muslim remark on Facebook, the joke is on you.