Alison Pill Calls Accidental Topless Selfie ‘Hideously Embarassing’ [Video]

Note to everyone: If your nude selfies ever find their way online, handle the fallout like Alison Pill.

The Newsroom actress was silent for a year after accidentally tweeting a topless photo of herself for the whole Internet to see. On Conan Tuesday night, the 27-year-old finally explained what had happened.

“It’s a fascinating story involving not knowing that my new Blackberry had a touch screen and responding to somebody on Twitter,” Pill said of the photo. “Like, ‘Oh yeah, New York was great. It’s 9:30 on a Wednesday. Also, apropos of nothing, here are my boobs!'”

Pill explained that the topless photo, which shows her wearing a pair of over-sized glasses and nothing else, was on her phone because she was long distance with then-fiance Jay Baruchel at the time.

“I don’t know. It’s a dumb thing to do I suppose,” she admitted.

“And now, I’ve realized just how dumb. And so embarrassing, so hideously embarrassing, that for about three months after it happened I couldn’t… every time I met a new person I [kept thinking], ‘Boobs! Nice to meet you, you’ve seen my boobs.’ It’s not even the case.”

Pill’s comments on Conan mark the first time the actress has spoken in-depth about the topless photo flap. After quickly deleting the tweet last year, Pill made a quick apology and said nothing further.

“Yep. That picture happened. Ugh. My tech issues have now reached new heights, apparently. How a deletion turned into a tweet… Apologies,” she tweeted.

You’re not going to see Alison Pill’s topless selfie here, but you can watch her talk about it with Conan O’Brien above!