Newspaper Fail: John Elway Throws 7 Touchdown Passes, Says Columbus Dispatch

John Elway was a fantastic quarterback but he never threw seven touchdowns in a single game.

He didn’t accomplish the feat during his playing days with the Denver Broncos and he certainly didn’t do it last night. Which is probably why Columbus Dispatch readers were a little confused when they read this morning’s headline: Elway Throws 7 Touchdowns Passes.

Elway hasn’t played professional football in more than a decade but according to the Columbus Dispatch the executive vice president of football operations for the Broncos decided that it was time to come out of retirement last night for the NFL season opener.

And at age 53, Elway had the game of his career.

In case you were wondering, only 6 players in NFL history have thrown 7 touchdown passes in one game. Peyton Manning is one of them. John Elway is not.


But Elway does deserve a little credit for Peyton Manning’s historic game last night. I mean, he was the guy who convinced the former Colts QB to come to Denver. He also had the brilliant idea of surrounding his quarterback with impressive offensive weapons like Wes Welker.

Of course, I wouldn’t go as far as to say that the Hall of Famer actually threw the passes for Manning.

There isn’t much the Columbus Dispatch can do now that the newspapers have been printed. The best they can do is print a great retraction tomorrow morning and take responsibility for the mistake.

The definition of a bad morning: Seeing this headline. I knew Elway was good, but not THAT good.

— Ben Marrison (@dispatcheditor) September 6, 2013