Robert Schuller Diagnosed With Cancer

Robert Schuller's family has announced that he was diagnosed with cancer. The former televangelist reportedly has cancer in his lymph nodes and esophagus. Schuller is 89 years old.

Doctors report that Schuller is a "good candidate" for treatment with radiation and chemotherapy. They expect treatment to extend his life for around two years.

As reported by Shepherds Grove, Schuller is an author, motivational speaker, and a former televangelist. Schuller's Hour of Power was one of the first, and most popular, church services ever televised.

Robert Schuller's career began in 1955, when he was called to ministry with the Reformed Church. His first services were held at the Orange Drive-In Theater in Garden Grove, California.

With his wife Arvella playing the organ, Schuller preached from the roof of the snack bar.

Schuller expanded his ministry to television in 1970. By 1950, his weekly Sunday morning program was broadcast in all 50 states.

Throughout his career, Schuller is credited with founding the first 24-hour suicide hotline, the Robert H. Schuller Institute for Successful Church Leadership, and the Crystal Cathedral.

He has written six bestselling books, and has received numerous awards.

As reported by Los Angeles Times, the Crystal Cathedral was forced into bankruptcy in 2012. With news of the bankruptcy, Schuller announced his retirement.

The Crystal Cathedral building was purchased by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange.

Robert Schuller Crystal CathedralWhen Schuller was initially diagnosed with cancer, doctors said he had only months to live. He and his family sought a second opinion, which was more optimistic.

The new oncologist believes Schuller is strong enough to tolerate the treatment. Schuller's family says they are pleasantly surprised and optimistic.

Schuller's son, who is also named Robert, says his father took the news well. He explains that his father is "easy-going" and does not dwell on negativity.

Robert Schuller's family is keeping his devoted fans updated on the Hour of Power website.

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