Big Brother Update: Power Shifts After Elissa Evicted [Spoilers]

Big Brother is down to five houseguests after the double eviction of Amanda and Elissa, and a Head of Household win may have power shifting in the house.

On Thursday’s live episode, former power player Amanda was sent packing in the first vote. After weeks of running the house and pulling strings on other houseguests’ Head of Household reign, Amanda came under fire from her fellow contestants. She was nominated by GinaMarie, spent much of the week bullying Elissa, and ultimately seemed resigned to her fate to leave.

But then something strange happened. Elissa came to realize that with no real allies in the house, she could use Amanda to further her game. So Elissa changed her mind, voting to keep Amanda. Unfortunately, Amanda’s supposed friend Andy had flipped and changed his vote, forcing a tie and giving GinaMarie the vote to send Amanda home.

Andy was skilled enough in his lying to throw off the newly formed alliance of Elissa and the power couple of Amanda and McCrae. All of them blamed different people for the vote, and when McCrae won Head of Household in the double eviction episode he sent Elissa packing.


But McCrae’s power may be sinking quickly. Not long after the live Big Brother episode ended, Spencer won Head of Household — yes, the same Spencer who has only won one competition all year.

In the hours after the win, Spencer talked about plans to nominate McCrae and GinaMarie.

It’s been a swift and hard fall for McCrae. Once sitting pretty with a large alliance and shielded by the much-bigger target Amanda, he is now alone in the house and likely to remain a target unless he pulls out a Power of Veto win.

The other interesting aspect of the Big Brother house after Elissa’s eviction is the other contestants’ seeming obsession with her. They spent hours bashing her, calling her a b**ch, and even fantasizing about killing her. It was a new low for the Big Brother house, which is saying a lot considering the rampant homophobia and racism shown by contestants this year.

The hatred for Elissa seemed strongest among Andy and Spencer, who somehow seem convinced that America shares their hatred of her and now love them for evicting her. They’re in for a surprise on the finale night for Big Brother, when Elissa will likely take home the $25,000 prize as America’s Choice. An unofficial poll on has her earning 70 percent of the vote for America’s favorite houseguest.