Movie Remakes And Reboots: Films We Didn’t Need Redone

There have been some movie remakes and reboots that were unnecessary and a waste of time. The originals were fine the way they were, or the films had spawned sequels so bad that we really didn’t need to tempt fate.

Probably the most ambitious remake of our time had to be Star Trek, which ingeniously tied it to the original series and in that way avoided being a full reboot. Though some hardcore fans of the original series hated it, the new films were much faster paced, giving the franchise a whole new audience. This was one of the few times a remake or reboot improved a movie.

The most recent movie remake or reboot we really didn’t need was RoboCop. The original was fine the way it was, and according to Twitter user Scott Adams (in response to our very own Todd Rigney), “The whole point of the original was Murphy discovering his humanity. This remake just ignores that completely.” Aside from maybe an updated cast and effects, we really could do without it.

Tomb Raider was another film that is apparently getting the reboot treatment. Let’s break down what is wrong with that, shall we? Tomb Raider is a movie based on a video game, a concept that rarely ever turns out well. The first film was a little shallow, but it was good enough by itself. We can only hope that the reboot at least gives it more emotion and doesn’t depend so much on what little story the video game series offers.

Mortal Kombat is another video game based movie which was actually good the first time … just read what we said above about Tomb Raider for this one. Otherwise it would just be redundant to go over.

Total Recall starred Arnold Schwarzenegger originally, and though it was silly, it was also entertaining enough not to need a remake. Colin Farrell adds nothing to this remake we didn’t need.

A Nightmare on Elm Street was Michael Bay’s take on Wes Craven’s classic. There was nothing wrong with the original, and Michael Bay only made this movie remake (or reboot) a waste of our time, adding nothing and taking away most of what made the original scary in the first place.

Poltergeist is also getting a remake it doesn’t need. The original film was a work of genius, being one of the few horror films where nobody was actually killed. It was good enough, and still is.

Last of all, King Kong could have been a fantastic update to an already classic monster movie. Unfortunately it ended up soiling the name of Peter Jackson with the emphasis on the self-centered character played by Jack Black, and creature effects that weren’t anywhere near the quality of Lord of the Rings. It felt like a plain and simple cash-in.

Some movie remakes and reboots are completely unnecessary. Not all of them, but quite a few