Arsenio Hall Announces Premiere Lineup, Says He’s Ready To ‘Jump Back Into It’

Arsenio Hall is more than ready to jump back into the late-night talk show game. The Celebrity Apprentice winner recently announced his first batch of guests.

Although his original TV show ended back in 1994, Hall is more than a little anxious to get the ball rolling once again. To help him celebrate his long-awaited return to the small screen, the host has assembled an impressive number of guests for his first week back on the airwaves.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the new Arsenio Hall show will feature Chris Tucker, Mark Harmon, Lisa Kudrow, Ice Cube, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, George Lopez, and Angela Bassett. His musical guests reportedly include Nas, Mac Miller, Earth, Wind & Fire, and Emblem3.

“My first week of guests offers a taste of pop culture and represents the mix of talent I hope to have on my show every week. I am honored to welcome friends — both old and new — to my show. My goal is to have fun, make people laugh and send viewers to bed with a smile on their face,” he explained.

Although it’s been nearly 20 years since Hall reigned supreme in the talk show circuit, he told CBS This Morning that he’s excited about his upcoming return. The new show is currently scheduled to premiere next week (September 9).

Arsenio Hall said during his interview that he just wants to be himself. If he tries to be someone he’s not on-air, then the host said he would get busted by his fans for being fake.

“I just want to jump back into it. And this time, the names might be different. It may not be Alan Thicke, it might be Robin Thicke. It’ll just be me doing my thing in a new generation. Less hair, less shoulder pads, but I’m the same guy. Maybe a little smarter, I hope,” he explained.

The Arsenio Hall Show will premiere on September 9. Check your local listings to see which station in your area will broadcast his return to the air.

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