Lindsay Lohan: drinking vodka and drunk blogging

Troubled bisexual actress Lindsay Lohan is back drinking again, and for good measure is drunk blogging as well.

Lohan was caught on surveillance footage last week sneaking Gray Goose Vodka into a glass, and mixing it with Red Bull. After a short stint in jail and a longer stay in rehab, Lohan was suppose to be off the booze, but it would appear that the only difference today is she’s hiding her drinking better.

The same evening as she was caught drinking, Lohan made an odd post to her MySpace blog titled “all grown up and .. an outsider for some nights.” The introspective look at herself would appear to have been either the result of alcohol, depression or both.

Here’s the footage of Lohan hitting the booze. There appears to be a splice just after she pours the drink, so we definitely don’t see her drink from the same glass, but likewise the hiding of a the Vodka would appear to imply some level of guilt.

(via PITNB)