Riley Cooper And Cary Williams Get Into Fight At Eagles Practice

Riley Cooper is at it again. The controversial Eagle got into a fight with teammate Cary Williams at practice Thursday.

It’s been more than a month since Riley Cooper made racially insensitive comments at a Kenny Chesney concert. Since the incident, Cooper has returned to the team and produced on the field. The Eagles claim the team has made peace with Cooper. It looks like that may not be the case.

Cary Williams was very critical of Cooper after his comments went viral. At the time, he was quoted by Albert Breer of as saying:

“The magnitude of the issues makes it a lot harder to cope with. Everyone’s gonna come along at their own time. We’re trying to find a way to forgive, find a way to be merciful. Everyone has their own perspective. We’re having a tough time. We’re at a crossroads.”

For whatever reason the fight started on Thursday, the Eagles had Riley Cooper’s back. Cooper even told reporters the fight had nothing to do with his previous actions. A number of teammates consoled Cooper afterwards. DeSean Jackson even spoke to him one-on-one.

Team leader Michael Vick, no stranger to controversy himself, broke up the fight and later said:

“Our maturity level’s gotta be on a whole different plane. Regardless of who the catalyst was for the whole fight, that doesn’t matter. We’ve gotta be men. We’re not guys who are out on the street, fighting one another. We’re teammates”

Vick is right. With the season starting this week, the last thing Philadelphia needs is turmoil within the team.

The fight, which looks to be instigated entirely by Cary Williams, can be seen below:

It is unfair to assume Riley Cooper’s fight with Williams was related to prior actions. Players often get into fights during practice and Williams is only 23 years old. He could have simply gotten too fired up. Game action on Sunday could be one of the best things for him.

Eagle fans should hope that’s the case. If players haven’t come to terms with Cooper and learned how to play with him, the season could be disastrous. Cooper is one of the teams best WRs and should see a lot of targets from Vick.

Why do you think Riley Cooper and Cary Williams got into a fight at practice?