Justin Bieber Tried But Failed To Understand Just How Whipped Mike Tyson Is [Video]

Justin Bieber’s love life hasn’t exactly run smooth of late. But, from the sound of things, his buddy Mike Tyson’s hasn’t been a walk in the park either.

The pair met about a year ago when the then 18-year-old trained with the former heavyweight boxing champion, and it seems the two became friends.

Tyson sat down with Conan on Wednesday where he was asked about his relationship with Bieber.

The once great professional boxer declared bankruptcy in 2003 after earning $300 million during his career. He was later convicted of rape in 1992, serving three years of a six years sentence.

“I like Justin Bieber a lot, yeah Justin Bieber’s pretty cool,” Mike told Conan.

Recounting an anecdote about the “Baby” star, the 47-year-old said a mutual friend Mally Mall put the teen superstar on the phone at Bieber’s request.

“‘Hey Mike, how you doing, I’ve got somebody who wants to talk to you’… so he puts Justin on the phone,” the Brooklyn native recalled. “So Justin’s on the phone, ‘Hey man, what’s up? How you doing?'”

Tyson explained to Conan that the phone call came on a particularly “bad day” due to the fact that he and his wife — Lakiha Spicer, his third, who he married in 2009 — had been arguing that day.

At this point, Mike imitated Justin’s higher voice, saying, “Hey Man what’s up? How ya doing?”

Tyson told Conan he unloaded on the star, replying, “I’m mad Justin! Stuff ain’t good man!This is happening, this is happening, this is happening…”

To the champ’s surprise, the teen heartthrob responded to his tale of woe with an invite to the Bahamas.

“Come out of it Mike!,” Bieber apparently said. “Come out of it, come on, go to the airport, go to the airport!”

Mike said he explained he didn’t have any money and wouldn’t be able to afford a plane ticket. To which, Justin said he would send a private plane for the sports legend.

Justin Bieber, Mike Tyson

In the end, Tyson had to decline the offer the pop prince’s generous offer.

“I’m married with two little kids — you think my wife’s gonna let [me]? ‘Hey, I’m gonna hang out with Mally Mall and Justin Bieber Ma’,” Tyson said he told Justin. “‘No, you’re not you dumb son of a bitch — you’re gonna stay your a** here!'”

Dejectedly, Tyson admitted to Conan, “My balling days are over. Like I am just so balled out, [I’m] not balling no more. They think I’m still fly, but I’m not. I’m not fly, I’m just, I’m just, I’m just, stuck on the wall.”

It was an oddly tragic part of Tyson’s interview although he spoke of Bieber affectionately.

Who knows, maybe they’ll get to ball another day?