Starbucks Snake Shocks Customers [Video]

The Starbucks snake not only shocked customers but staff as well.

When one customer went inside the San Antonio Starbucks to use the men’s room, he got a shocking little surprise when he looked into the toilet.

According to, Bruce Ahlswed said he initially thought it was a prank, but, when it moved, he put his business on hold and alerted employees.

“I said ‘Hey you’ve got a snake in your bathroom and she’s kind of freaking out,’ ” Ahlswede told CNN affiliate KSAT.

CNN continued on to say that Bruce, his wife and store employees all crowded into the bathroom and watched as the snake, perhaps just as surprised as the rest, slithered around the toilet bowl and disappeared.

CNN continued on to report Michele saying, “It had to have crawled up the pipes. I have heard of it happening but have never seen it in person. It’s a python guess he like coffee also.”

KSAT consulted a snake expert who told them it was likely a non-poisonous rat snake. A website for the University of Austin Amphibian and Reptile Diversity Research Center describes rat snakes as similar-looking to pythons that have reached 7 feet in length. The site says the snakes pose no threat to humans.”

Before it disappeared, Ahlswede’s wife, Michele, managed to take a quick picture of the surprise guest and posted it to Facebook. Check it out for yourself!

After Michele posted the photo to Facebook, she got a few thank you from friends who had apparently been on their way to the establishment.

After having the place checked out, the South Texas Herpetology Association told KSAT and Starbucks that the store was sage, even though the snake was never caught.

Despite the Starbucks snake, the Ahlswede’s plan on remaining customers, they’ll just be double-checking every toilet from now on.

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]