Tropical Storm Gabrielle Hits Puerto Rico

Tropical Storm Gabrielle brought wind and rain to Puerto Rico this morning.

The storm is currently located about 65 miles southwest of Ponce, Puerto Rico and is moving northwest at about 8 mph. The storm is currently blowing winds at about 40 mph. State meteorologist Ernesto Morales said that the storm will continue to bring rain to Puerto Rico through Friday.

Morales said: “We should not lower our guard… The storm is very dangerous. There’s a very high possibility of flooding.”

The Weather Channel reports that 3 to 6 inches have fallen in Puerto Rico. The storm is expected to drop up to 12 inches of rain by late Friday.

Miguel Rios, director of Puerto Rico’s emergency management agency, said: “In the next 36 hours, we can experience heavy rains at any moment… We must remain on alert.”

When Tropical Storm Gabrielle leaves Puerto Rico late Friday it is expected to turn and head north north east. TWC reports that the storm’s center should stay east of the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands but said that residents should continue to monitor the storm.

There is a chance that the storm will hit the mainland of the United States, but, at this time, meteorologists do not believe that Tropical Storm Gabrielle poses a threat to the US.